• ​Am I using the correct business entity?
  • Am I filing where required?
  • When is it appropriate to use estimated amounts?
  • What are the different record-keeping requirements for various expense types?
  • Will you work with my financial advisor to ensure my IRA-savings are optimized?  (Absolutely). 

Sara L. Becker, CPA is the President of The New Albany CPA Co. Her experience from Big 4 firms to Fortune 500 companies gives her unique insight into providing optimal tax solutions for business owners. Her focus is providing personalized tax strategies that leverage savings while also enhancing compliance protection, as available. 

Specialties include business planning and comprehensive real estate tax solutions. Services are flat-fee based and include monthly packages that complete the accounting cycle from the business' bookkeeping to the final individual tax return preparation. A free initial consultation is included.

The New Albany CPA Co is a Preferred Vendor of the Columbus Board of Realtors and an approved wholesale partner of Intuit.


  • Flat-fee Based - No surprises
  • Quick and Friendly Responses
  • Customized Solutions
  • Permanent Discounts on Software
  • Industry-Specific Packages
  • What safe harbors are available, and should I be using them?
  • Is it better for my business to own/lease my vehicle or should it be owned/leased personally?
  • What are the four tax-saving strategies available when selling property?
  • Are there approved ways to pull money out of my business without creating a taxable event?
  • ​I need additional deductions for my rental property. What can I do?

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